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Deli meat

Deli meat and “artisan” cold cuts of the Italian and international tradition

Ham, salami, “mortadella”, speck ham and traditional regional cold meat produced in Italy by hand-made work of exquisite meat and spices. The tastiest cold cuts of the Italian gastronimical tradition which come from a careful selection of pork meat in the best Italian farm animals. The hand-made method of work aims at the use of  refined ingredients and at methods of ageing which require a constant supervision of the humidity and the ambient temperature in which the meat is kept. This is the way the Italian cold cuts are made, then carefully selected by Aldo Aimo TFC for the import and sale.

The rich list of the Italian cold cats – prepared with meat of animal grown according to strict rules to guarantee the health care – includes various choice of ham with different times of ageing, salami, bacon, lard, sausage of dark pork,  poultry salami, ham flavoured with local spices and cold cuts from Ciociarìa such as porchetta, “capocollo”- salami made with pork neck, “porchetta” – slices of pork meat, “porchetta-ham”, “nocetta”, “culatello”, “guanciale” and a vast range of mortadella.

Each phase of the hand-made work is followed carefully, in the highest respect of the workplace hygiene. The ageing of the meat takes place in a room which keeps the ideal temperature and the right level of humidity: essential for making “salumi”, cold cuts of high quality which represent best the flavour of the Italian and international culinary tradition.

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