Taleggio Dop


The Taleggio is a cheese of very old origins, perhaps anterior to the X century. Some documents dated up to XIII century refer to the commerce and the exchanges concerning our cheese, with other cheeses. Its origin area is the Val Taleggio, in the province in Bergamo, from which derives the name of the cheese. The inhabitants of this valley in order to preserve the exceeding milk, began to produce some cheese that, once seasoned in “caves” or in their valley farm, could be exchanged with other products or commercialized. Because of the increasing of the Taleggio cheese use, its production is progressively extended in the Padana plan.

The Taleggio cheese weight from 1,7 to 2,2 kg, according to the technical conditions of production. Cheese is quadrangular parallelepiped, with sides of 18-20 cm. The rind is thin, of soft consistence and its colour is natural rose, with presence of characteristic grey and green light sage colour mould. The paste is uniformly compact, softer under the rind and at the end of seasoning, friable to its centre. The paste colour changes from white to pale yellow, with some small circles. The taste is sweet, with light acidulous vein, slightly aromatic, sometimes with truffle aftertaste; the odour is characteristic.

In order to confirm its tradition, the Taleggio cheese has been recognized as a DO cheese (Denomination of Origin) in  Italy in 1988 and DOP cheese (Denomination of Protected Origin) in the European Union in 1996.


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Weight 2.5 kg


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