Furgentini Olive oil


The farm “Azienda Agricola “Furgentini” Giorgio Avola di Ignazia Avola” uses biological cultivation techniques, obtaining an excellent blend and balanced taste of oil, made by two local kinds of olives: “Moresca” and “Verdese”.
The “Moresca” gives a light and delicate oil with a sweet flavour having and aftertaste of artichoke. The “Verdese” gives a slightly bitter and spicy oil with a vivid emerald colour. This oil is produced at the extreme end of the South West of Sicily, in a place with an old tradition of olive-growing, in the middle of “DOP Monti Iblei” area, Frigintini. The FURGENTINI extra virgin olive-oil can satisfy the consumer that has a special attention to the old and delicate flavours thanks to some elements as the cultivation located in hills; a special selection of olives, picked up only by hand till December; and the shattering made within 24 hours.



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