Do you know the cheese named Appenzeller? The name is reminiscent of those dreamy Swiss Alps topped with lush white snow, of happy men in lederhosen, and people eating delicious foods. That’s because this cheese is one of the finest Swiss cheeses on offer! Appenzeller is a hard yellow cheese made from cow’s milk from Swiss cows exclusively. The cheese is made from raw milk, which gives it its delicate flavour. The cheese is ripened for at least four weeks, and bathed daily in a salt and herbed briny solution. Often the cheese is bathed in wine of cider as well for an extra special addition to the taste. The mixture of herbs that is used is a carefully kept secret, known only to the Swiss cheese makers. Appenzeller is a cheese produced in the Appenzell country, the north-eastern part of the Swiss. The cheese is made from raw cow’s milk, the cows that provide the milk graze the whole year through on the meadows and hills of the Säntis mountain. When you taste this cheese you can just feel the tranquil calm of the sun-glazed mountains where the big brown cows graze calmly while small bells sound. This feeling, the clean and wholesome feeling of the Swiss atmosphere, is perfectly captured in the Appenzeller cheese.

  • Imported from Switzerland
  • Perfect for cheese platters or sandwiches
  • Melts well in fondues
  • Pairs well with any white wines

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Weight 7 kg


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