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Import of special flour, biological spices, capers, pine nuts, extra-virgin Sicilian olive oil, cheeses and cold cuts from many Italian regions.

The most authentic flavours and aromas of the Italian culinary tradition, the most genuine and natural food, prepared with the best quality products by means of skilled artisan methods passed on from father to son with love. Traditional regional products which will improve each dish with their unique taste and will become a reference point - of the selection of excellent food products imported by Aldo Aimo - for demanding gourmands and selective chefs.

The professional Italian flour of wheat grown in the respect of the environment and kneaded with innovative methods which preserve the taste and the nutritional values. This flour is distinguished by its versatility because it can be used either for baking than pastry making and pizza.

The biological Sicilian Spices – thyme, sage, rosemary and oregano – are distinguished thanks to their aroma and the high concentration of essentials oils. Food items of prestige of this selection are also the Capers of Pantelleria and the biological pine nuts, rich of phosphorus.

The traditional and PDO cheesesprovolabuffalo mozzarellaricotta, artisan cold cuts, coming from the various region of Italy and the biological Sicilian extra-virgin Furgentini olive oil that has gained several prizes, they complete the prestigious offer of Italian products of quality that Aldo Aimo imports and Export.

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