Sicilian excellence in Sweden, The idea of Aldo Aimo

2017 juli 8

Aldo's story is marked by determination."My was a bit special," says the entrepreneur, "but I'm not ashamed of it. I emigrated many years ago in Sweden, I do not say with the classic cardboard box but almost, I decided to leave Sicily for reasons that still seem obvious today. I did not know anyone there, in Italy I was working for a great multinational then with the crisis in 2008 I made the decision to leave. I saw a bit long and considered the possibility of going away and creating another life. I did the humble jobs, even the dishwasher, and from there I started with other uses. Made money aside I came to the idea of ​​opening my company. "

Let's talk directly to Aldo Aimo about what his work is about.

How was the idea of ​​creating a company in Sweden exporting Sicilian and Italian agri-food products of controlled origin?

"What is lacking here with all the migratory flows that we have is quality control, there is the discouragement of the product that should be followed.If I have to talk about a product to a customer I have to explain the path to it and justify the high price.It is not enough simply to sell but you have to work with continuity.I knew it would be a challenging challenge, at times it is like fighting a windmill, it's massaging but eventually gives satisfaction.For years I have only made sacrifices, without seeing a gain, now I have a good turnover, but it is in private life.In Sweden the fees are very high (though less than in Italy) so I thought so much before I started with my company, but when I opened I did not want to do as the other importers who have been working here for years.First you have to have clear ideas, formulate a business plan, look for funding to buy goods, and build trust relationships. "

You are personally in the manufacturing companies to select the products you think best.Tell us briefly how your work works.

"I go straight to the producer.Generally a fixed appointment in Sicily, I take home and see how they work.I did so, for example, with the Avola family that produces Furgentini oil.Control is crucial, I look at everything, even the label because the product also includes those little things that seem insignificant and if I choose it, I want exactly that.It is also important that the logistical discourse, that is, to make the product intact in Sweden, must not be altered either externally or of high quality, and if it jumps on a ring, it will jump all over.When a product finishes, it ends up for everyone and needs to be redone for the next year. "

Sweden is a country far from Sicily and the food tastes will definitely be different.What are the most popular products?

"Import internationally, not just Sicilian products.I have my own spice factory in Agrigento, which I care about very much.Mainly amount of spices, oil, and cheeses.Modica's chocolate is required by some Chefs but for characteristic dishes because it is very particular for its granular consistency.I attended a fair of typical Sardinian products with international buyers in which I represented Sardinian pecorino or carasau bread from Sweden and Sardinia.I also import Mozzarella of the Dairy market Roberta, it is the first buffalo mozzarella awarded by a jury of married judges, or even ham from the Aosta Valley.Out of Italy I contacted for example with Spain, the precious Iberian Jamon, exactly a Pata Negra.It's a special ham that costs a lot because it comes from five or six specially bred pigs, thinking they're listening to classical music. "

Your business has been active for about two years, what do you have so far?Are you thinking about something new?

"The problem I'm facing is that due to the strong immigration, which also includes many Italians, there is no care for the product.An excellent product can not sell it to everyone because there is a chain to follow, if the product gives it to everyone loses value because no one 'explains it', you do not know, do not appreciate and focus only on the price.It makes no sense, for example, to sell 24 months mature Parmesan to those who do not have the culture.I tried to set everything in a certain way, I told 'Aldo you will not see fruit now but always try to work right and the results will come.'The goal is to try and figure out why that product has those characteristics and why not find it from another.I have created a closed environment, contract work, I can not guarantee the numbers immediately, but with so much confidence and in the end I always have the same affectionate customers. "