The cheeses of Casa Lawrence

Pacitti Cheese - Casa lawrence -

In Italy – directly from the heart of the Apennines, where you can still find farm animals as in ancient times and livestock grazes in the green land of high mountains – the farm business Pacitti makes excellent sheep’s and goat’s cheese. Aldo Aimo Quality Supplier Imports and exports in Europe cheeses of this Italian farm which since ages keeps in its products the taste of the Italian dairy tradition.
The farm business Pacitti mainly produces cheeses with raw milk such as Pecorino from Picinisco PDO, Conciato from San Vittore, Caso Peruto, Blue Valcomino, Marzolina, therefore, the farm became a site of Slow Food. The organoleptic values, the strong and intense good taste of the cheeses remind the unique characteristics of the mountainous lands of Central Italy.