Sicilian aromatic dried herbs, “Capers of Pantelleria” and biological pine nuts

Among the Italian excellent food products selected by Aldo Aimo Quality Supplier Inc. - imported into Northern Europe, Russia and Asia - excel the best biological Sicilian spices: oregano, rosemary, sage and thyme, typical and prestigious aroma of the Italian cuisine.

The aromatic herbs grew in Sicily – where the mild and dry climate and the morphology of the land, which drain naturally, give the best condition for plantation – The aromatic herbs stand out for their excellent organoleptic values and the high concentration of essential oils and their strong aroma. These values are guaranteed since the moment of the harvesting-selection, just before blooming.

The Sicilian food products imported and sold are biological, environmentally friendly and their grow follow the seasonal crops.

The rich selection of Italian spices also includes “Capers of Pantelleria”, appreciated all over the world for their unique taste, and the precious biological pine nuts, aromatic and healthy, which thanks to their rich concentration of phosphorus - together with the Sicilian dried aromatic herbs - are basic and essential ingredients for the cuisine of the most refined restaurants.