The most sought after and genuine food products of the Italian and International cuisine

Exclusively food products of high quality with demanded organoleptic values and aroma which enrich courses and recipes.

They are the best food products of the Italian lunch which are perfect for refined restaurants with the aim of presenting only extra fine and high quality ingredients for their cooking.
The exquisite biological spices imported from Italy are sage, rosemary, thyme, basil, parsley and mint.
The biological pine nuts are among the best and appreciated all over the world.
The capers are renowned as “Capers of Pantelleria”, well-known in the world thanks to their unique quality and taste.
The Ragusano Cheese D.O.P is a protected cheese produced in the tableland of the Hyblaean Mountains in Sicily or the Tomato of Pachino I.G.P.
Coffee: of Italian tradition is a product with a unique aroma made from slow roasting and grown in biological cultivation.

Moreover, the best choice of extra-virgin Sicilian olive oil: biological oil, cold pressed “Furgentini” awarded by the major oil masters with the Golden Lion prize and the extra-virgin olive oil I.G.P(Protected Designation of Origin) of Hyblaean Mountains.