Detailed description of the producer

The selection of products is rigorously (and not only) Italian-made and it is made of the freshest and genuine foodstuffs of old times, only and exclusively of biological valuable food.

Aldo Aimo - Biodynamic Food distinguishes himself by a careful selection and deep knowledge of the imported food products and travels for meeting his producers personally in order to get some knowledge of stories, techniques, effort and work which lie behind each single excellent food product. Aldo Aimo tastes, values and chooses exclusively typical and genuine products cultivated using traditional methods.

The selection of Italian products of excellence, of which Aldo Aimo is importer into Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Island, Finland, Russia and Asia are chosen by the finest gourmet, the best chef, restaurants and prestigious places in Northern Europe.

Aldo Aimo - Quality Supplier Inc. is a synonym of Italian agricultural and food quality for typical and traditional products with organoleptic values and unique aromas renowned on an International level.