The excellent variety of Italian cheeses of high quality – so rich that, for each region, there is a vast range of refined dairy products: low-fat or aged, prepared with cow’s milk, goat’s, sheep’s or buffalo’s – it depends on the deep differences of the climate, of the land morphology, of the history and traditions in the various areas in Italy.

Aldo Aimo selects and imports from Italy the best traditional cheeses, refined for their nutritional values and taste, thanks to a production which uses excellent products, with artisanal techniques of production handed down from one generation to another. All it is also thanks to processes of ageing and conservation that match the best regional tradition with the respect of the hygienic norms.

The vast range of Italian cheeses includes PDO cheeses with soft dough – such as Crescenza, Certosino and Stracchino, - Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano with different times of ageing, goat’s cheese, “di fossa”, ricotta – also in the oven, - sweet and spicy Gorgonzola, mozzarella of buffalo from Campania, Provola from Calabria, Canestrato, Pecorino, Taleggio, Bra and Piacentino from Enna......