Extra-virgin biological Italian olive oil

The extra-virgin biological olive oil imported by Aldo Aimo Quality Supplier Inc. is produced in Sicily, land of ancient vocation of olive-growing, in which thanks to a mild climate and a naturally fertile soil, flourish some of the most important Italian cultivar: the “Biancolilla”, the “Nocellara of Belice” and the “Nocellara Etnea”.

The extra-virgin Furgentini olive oil – button-hole of the selection of Italian olive oil by Aldo Aimo - is produced in Modica, in the province of Ragusa, in the PDO area of the Hyblaean Mountains. This area, together with the PDO “Val di Mazara” and the PDO “Valdemone”, represents one of the six most suitable Sicilian area for olive oil production. Each phase – from the harvesting by hand of the olives to the cold pressing, then up to the bottling – is followed carefully, in order to keep unchanged the special organoleptic features of the Sicilian biological oil obtained from the prestigious varieties of olives Tonda Iblea, Moresca and Verdese.

The extra-virgin Sicilian olive oil is rich of taste and of nutritional properties which change according to the morphological characteristics of the terrain and the altitude of the area of origin. This oil can lightly flavour: appetizer, first courses of fish, shellfish and salads or it can enrich, with its full-bodied taste, vegetable and bean soups and grilled red meat.

In 2000, the extra-virgin olive oil Aldo Aimo imports from Sicily has been prized with the Golden Leonawarded by the Association of the masters of oil at the International exhibition of oil in Verona.